Thursday, May 19, 2005

On the Road to Galena

Tomorrow evening, I'll drive to Galena, Illinois for their Triathlon. It's a sprint distance: a few hundred yards swim, a 16 mile bike ride, and something less than a 5 mile run. The swim will be in a cold, probably murky country lake. The bike ride and run will be hilly--in the stretch of hills that going west will fold over bluffs to the Mississippi River valley. It's supposed to be a beautiful day, and I'm certain the area will be beautiful woodlands, and the spirits of the race organizers and community high and encouraging. This is another small chapter in my determination to win my age group in the Chicago Tri in August.

I'm in the middle of my training. I've taken it pretty seriously--working in the gym with guidance, pressure (c'mon Dan) and inspiration from my trainer; running in the morning with the ever changing remnants of the Psycho Geezers; trying to make it to the Monday and Wednesday morning swimming groups; spinning at LSAC and aspiring to make the Judson rides on Saturday morning; and the rest--more protein, less alcohol, some fat, just more attention to it all.

This is the aspect of my life that I have the most confidence hard work will generate most of the results I seek. I've worked as hard at my professional life and my personal life. With both, I'm hopeful. Both of these other aspects are intertwined with other people in ways I can only influence but not control; other people who bring challenges to me that I understand and I don't understand; and other people who bring opportunities to me that I want as well as resist.

In Galena, I will love the cold swim in the murky lake; I will listen to my hard breaths when I work to maintain my cadence on the hills; I will push hard to the finish line; and I will find out where I placed. Galena will put everything else in perspective, for the moment.